Why Being Fit Is Important - 90 Second Business Secrets

Episode 28

Why Being Fit Is Important

What are the 3 reasons you need to be fit and healthy if running your own business?

Where is fitness & health in your priority list? How long do you spend being fit & healthy?

In the next 90 seconds we’ll show you how to increase your productivity and confidence by being fitter and healthier.

What you can expect from this episode of the 90-Second Business Secrets:

  • Discover 3 major reasons why fitness & health is important to run your business successfully
  • Find out how long you should exercise per day
  • Understand the impact on your mental health, which is detrimental as a business owner

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That is the simple phyilosophy that Steve follows. Creating success is a forumla and it can be a lot simpler than you think...plus a lot more fun!

Steve's first success was in creating one of the UK's first subscription based internet services which allowed the creation of many successful online projects.

Steve and his business partner went on to create one of the largest virtual hosting companies in Europe.

Today, Steve is co-founder of the hugely successful travel company 'Not Just Travel' and 'The Travel Franchise'. This multi-million pound business helps entrepreneurs from all walks of life start their very first successful business.

The 90 Second Business Secret and 'Entrepreneur Made Simple' have been created to share some our learnings and help make being an entrepreneur simple!